Hidden Wiki Dark Web News April 2020

Versus Market Down For IP Leak And DDOS Investigation

After some guy named BenedictParchezzi DDOSed Versus market, he found out there is an IP leak of some of the middle ware servers the market was running to hide the IP of the real server and as a measure against the DDOS attacks.

This again shows that dark web markets always have to work on improving security. Which is also a reason why The Hidden Wiki is mirrored across many different website on the clearweb and on the dark web.

The market was down for 12 hours and seems to be running again now on new hosting servers.


Us Postal Service Still Working Fine For Dark Web Market Orders

Some dark web markets vendors use this opportunity to scam dark web users by claiming the postal service has stopped delivering on time.

While they shipped no product and let buyers wait.

Us postal workers make it clear that this is not true and the US postal service is working as usual if not better because of all the legal drug deliveries.


Daniels Hosting Is Finally Shutting Down Forever

It seems like there was some hack and deletion of databases on daniels hosting services on the tor network.

After many years of providing useful services to people, most likely the hosting provider will be down forever now.

We hope more people will start new easy to use dark web site hosting services.

We will list them on The Hidden Wiki for you.

Hidden Wiki


The Dark Web Is Now 20 Years Old

The dark web and the hidden wiki on the Tor network, are now 20 years old.

On this 20ths birthday we have a big history behind us, with many hidden service websites coming online and going offline now too soon later.

From the hidden wiki to the silk road, the dark web was always an interesting place even from its first year.

Many marketplaces recently have tried to do what the silk road was starting back in 2011.


More Pedophiles From The Dark Web Are Going To Jail

With trump going strong against pedophiles on the dark web, who visit sites like the uncensored hidden wiki and its jailbait and hard candy subsections, more an more of them are going to jail.

Never visit those CP sites, there are enough other interesting and not as illegal sites on the hidden wiki for you to enjoy.

Stay safe when browsing in the dark web.


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