How To Use Bitcoin Anonymously On Hidden Wiki Sites

If you want to use bitcoin anonymously on some of the sites listed on The Hidden Wiki, then you have to use a bitcoin mixer.

We put together a list of trusted bitcoin mixers for you to choose from below.

Top Bitcoin Mixers


BitCloak bitcloak4sd642xb.onion
BitMixBiz bitmixbizgpt7bid.onion
BlenderIO blenderioolshjwd.onion
Chipmixer chipmixerkoy66u6.onion
EludeMail eludeirawygtrgau.onion
BitcoinFog foggeddrid2f5rgs.onion
MixerMoney mixermikewccozma.onion
MixTum mixtumcfwzgwbf5q.onion
MyBitMix mybitmixbamanmpb.onion
Privcoin tr5ods7lm32atyou.onion

You can also find some more bitcoin mixers on the front page of The Hidden Wiki.


Bitcoin Mixers Or CoinJoin?


On top of bitcoin mixers there are also CoinJoin apps, but we do not recommend using those CoinJoin programs because they don’t provide real anonymity like a good bitcoin mixer does.

Maybe in the future coin join will be a an alternative to bitcoin mixers, but currently in june 2020 this can not be said at all.

And bitcoin mixers are legal to use, you just have to make sure to choose a provider who is trustworthy.

Bitcoin Mixers


Hidden Wiki And Bitcoin


Many hidden service websites on the hidden wiki offer bitcoin payments.

Some of them exclusively and even privacy oriented coins are rarely offered compared to the old bitcoin everyone trusts.

But when not using something like monero, people should make sure to use some good privacy protecting techniques like mixers provide in most cases.

That way government agencies will have a hard time trying to track your purchases on illegal dark web sites from the hidden wiki.

If you are a small time buyer on the dark web, you do not have to worry too much. Police just does not have the time to go after the small fish in this big pond of sellers.

But for larger buyers or especially sellers, it is really advised to use a bitcoin tumbler, and it is not hard to do so you really should spend some time and find the right service for you here on the hidden wiki before you go shopping on the drug markets.

You should also check out Tails and Whonix if you are really serious about privacy and want to use The Hidden Wiki in the most anonymous way.

In times of increased surveillance this becomes increasingly important to do, no matter if you think police will care about your business. You never know if they will catch you in the future.


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