Privacy When Using Sites On The Hidden Wiki

How To Stay Private While Accessing Dark Web Sites On The Hidden Wiki

If you are surfing the dark web and using some of the sites there, privacy should be a top priority for you.

You might wonder how you can get real privacy on the dark web.

And there certainly is no fast and easy answer to this, but in this guide we will try to show you some ways to improve your privacy in a massive way compared to normal users of the dark web.

Use A Bitcoin Mixer For More Privacy

One of the most important things you can do for better privacy when buying things on the dark web is to use a bitcoin mixer.

But best to use a shared wallet mixer and not one of the other coin join type of laundry services.

On the main page of The Hidden Wiki you can find a good selection of bitcoin mixing services which will hide your tracks in the best possible way.

We usually use Mixabit bitcoin mixer when sending or receiving bitcoin.

Use Tails OS For Better Privacy

Another thing you can do is instead of using windows, use a privacy focuses operating system like Tails OS.

All you have to do is flash it on an USB stick and then boot from that. It will protect your private data because it always stays in RAM and never gets written to the hard disk.

If you need to store data permanently it will also be possible with a permanent partition.

Use Open WLANs Somewhere Else

Especially in times of the corona virus, you can use puplic wifi networks while using a mask which provides the ultimate privacy if you are doing real serious business on the dark web.

Just take your laptop with your tails os to a public place while you wear a mask and you can be sure that not even the NSA will be able to track you down.

The best thing is to just leave as few traces as you can, so you should always make sure you are up to date on the newest privacy techniques, and The Hidden Wiki will try to help you with that.

Buy Bitcoin In Person

Most people get tracked down because their KYC information at a bitcoin exchange gets shared with government agencies.

If you want to avoid that use either a bitcoin mixer like bitmix, or try to buy your bitcoins for cash in person from for example mycelium local trader.

It is included in the mycelium wallet and has a map integrated which shows you bitcoin buyers and sellers near your location.

Then just meet one of the sellers, give them some cash and receive bitcoins to your wallet.

Again, you can use a mask in public since with corona virus this is normal now, and that way make sure there is no camera footage of yourself which makes the purchase even more private.

A burner phone can also help, and wear a mask when you buy it.


When you do all the steps in this guide, you are making sure you are not one of the low hanging fruit which get busted for buying on the dark web.

Privacy On The Hidden Wiki

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