Coronavirus And The Dark Web


In times of the coronavirus, people are wondering how it affects the business on the dark web.

Especially postal services and shipment of drugs in these uncertain times.

How Does The Coronavirus Affect Drug Shipping

To answer this is not straightforward, but instead we would have to look at the different countries and regions.

In europe for example most postal services we checked seem to be operating as usual.

Also in the US, the shipping of drugs from dark web markets seems to be no issue at all currently.

Some asian regions may be different, but overall one could say that worldwide the drug business is not impacted by the partly strict lock down measures.

So if you want to purchase drugs on the dark web in times of the coronavirus, chances are your package will arrive as it would on any normal month.

But it can not hurt to choose local sellers, because international shipments could still be affected, but this mostly just means a delay and because the customs officers are busy with all those packages, it might be even saver than in normal times.

The Best Markets To Use During The Coronavirus Lock Downs

There are not too many markets left currently, but sites like empire market and apollo market are still going strong.

And you can also find a big amount of independent vendor shops on The Hidden Wiki.

What ever site you choose, make sure to use legit links from The Hidden Wiki.

Smuggling Drugs During Lock Downs

Since most borders are closed, smuggling drugs has become an even more risky thing.

When crossing borders in person, there are now much bigger checks than before, so many people are now using dark web markets more than they did in the past.

Many vendors have now a multiple of the orders they had before all this started.

There has even been a new wave of registrations with many more users and also many new vendors which, instead of selling on the street, are now selling their drugs on dark web markets.

We have inspected major dark web sites and found sales on average are now 3 times higher.

This also means that ordering from the dark web is safer than ever before, because the police just does not have the capacity to go after all those individual small buyers and sellers.

An Opportunity For The Dark web

So at the end, like all digital businesses, dark web sellers and buyers have greatly profited from the coronavirus pandemic.

With the riots in the USA now, who would want to buy their drugs on a street corner in a city anyway.

It is much easier and safer to just buy some bitcoin and go to one of the dark web markets listed on The Hidden Wiki.

The coronavirus restrictions might have halted all other business, but the dark web is still going strong in 2020.

And after this pandemic, we suspect there will even be new markets trying to provide better and better service.

This will lead to the dark web growing over time, it is what it did anyway since it got mainstream in 2011 when silk road marketplace got popular.

But the silk road is now long gone, and left are even better markets with a lot better customer support and lower fees.

So where ever you buy your drugs now, it most likely will be a surprise that it is now easier and better than in the early days of the dark web.

But with all the profit that is made on the dark web, who would have expected otherwise. This will not just go away anymore in the future.

And the coronavirus did not even affect the dark web in the grand scheme of things.


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