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Please add your questions in the article's talk page.

  • Why are my edits not appearing?
This wiki uses moderation to prevent vandalism. Your edits are saved and will appear, once they have been approved by a moderator or administrator. As well, your editing may be temporarily throttled if you make to many edits with in a short period of time. If you get this error, wait for some time before attempting to edit again.

  • Why can't I edit some pages?
If you find yourself unable to edit some pages, it means that particular page has been protected for autoconfirmed users to discourage vandalism.
  • When do I become autoconfirmed?
All accounts are autoconfirmed after 7 days of existence. This is to prevent vandalism.
  • How do I become an Admin?
To become an Asmin , you need to demonstrate that you are a positive contributor to The Hidden Wiki whose edits can be considered trusted and not subject to moderation. Regular contributors will always be considered for promotion.
  • What are the rules?
The rules for contributing can be found here.
  • What is your policy regarding censorship?
This site is a free-speech wiki. Nothing gets removed without the consent of the author (except spam).