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The Uncensored Hidden Wiki is an censorship-free wiki, meaning that anyone can edit any unprotected page and improve articles immediately for all readers. Editing is open for all registered users. Abiding by these rules and making regular positive contributions will give you the opportunity to be recommended as a Promoted member with the ability to upload files, move and delete pages, along with other perks not available to regular members.

Posting Guidelines:

  1. No vandalizing of links (For example: changing the URLs by one letter). Repeated vandalism may result in your account being banned.
  2. No phishing (For example: changing the legit URLs to some phishing URL). High traffic pages, such as the main page may be protected from regular editing to deter phishing attempts.
  3. No removing of working links (except if they are down for a longer period of time.) If you are the owner of a hidden service listed here and would like your link removed, you will be granted the ability to remove your link if you can prove you are the rightful owner.
  4. Clearnet links are allowed, as long as they are followed by the [ Clearnet link! ] warning template.
  5. No changing legitimate onion URLs to clearnet ones (to '', or to 'tor2web' for example), this will be treated as vandalism.
  6. Uploading files is reserved for special groups, if you would like to upload content please contact WikiSysop.
  7. Moving pages is restricted. If you would like a page moved or redirected, please contact an Admin.

Basic Editing Tutorial

  • Added categories to pages by using [[Category:the category]] to the bottom of articles. See Special:Categories for a list of current categories.
  • Sign your name on discussion and user talk pages by using --~~~~, which looks like
Example: --WikiSysop (talk) 13:27, 13 June 2019 (EDT)
  • When replying on a discussion or user talk page, indent your paragraph using : for easier reading. Add one more : than the person you are replying to.
Example Reply using one :.
Example Reply using two ::.