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If you happen to know some good .onion website(s) which you think will make a good contribution to the Main Page, please list it here. Describe each recommended site with a few words

We still don't tolerate CP of any kind (or websites which are actively advertising it), so please, don't put CP on any Page. Don't even recommend/advertise them. About CP, you are free to create articles with educational purposes (history of it, psychological mambo-jambo, etc.), articles which can be interesting to the broader audience as well (not just for the CP lovers), but we don't want to support it in any form.

http://doxbinjs77uawbbl.onion/ DOXBIN

http://ccguruetr5jwye5g.onion/ CCguru - Cheap CC. Worldwide shipping.Clearnet escrow accepted.

http://acteamwneyw3ik2w.onion/ Ac-team - Visa & MasterCard cards and Paypal accounts.Clearnet escrow accepted.

http://qdoqihbtet5jt5qx.onion/passport/ Genuine USA Passport - We have all you need for your immigration!

http://unoppqar7cy3zvux.onion/ Unopp - The cheapest cloned cards.We have dump.

http://srfjfqqichdsrsdv.onion/ EU-Führerscheine kaufen - schnell und preiswert!

http://trinixy73gm6z4fq.onion/ Trinixy – Reliable electronics discounter. Live non-censored feedbacks.

http://7co7bw254m6mf7uq.onion/ Your Hacking Center - need a hacker for some special jobs, here we are!

http://qdoqihbtet5jt5qx.onion Easy Debit Cards: Preloaded Debit Cards MasterCard and Visa chipped and magnetic Risk Free Use!

http://bitstorej4kn3rw3.onion/ Bitstore – concept-store with new sales every week. Brand-new electronics, stolen from a big warehouse: Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, etc.

http://hackurxal34aznxe.onion/ HackTeams - The best hacker service.Big and reliable team.Fast order execution.

http://srfjfqqichdsrsdv.onion/usedbills/ Genuine Used Dollar Bills: NO Counterfeits just used real bills!

http://fixedlwgc3burzts.onion/ Fixed Matches - Fixed European Leagues Matches. Clearnet escrow accepted.

http://xsrgzaqqhzwi4e4s.onion Pawsome Pussiesblog: Super cute gorgeous pussies

http://xlvn225rypgvvnjl.onion 100X your bitcoins

http://ey4oty36pfgmec2c.onion SNUFF Cinema

http://z6ikzzefnfm67ieg.onion Darknet Mystery Boxes

http://3bcwcrvnsaw36vf4.onion Cloned cards, Paypal accounts, Western Union transfers

http://onionlstmjc7qkmj.onion ONIONLIST New moderated Listing/Search engine for hidden services

http://azsdjxck6kqdm7oz.onion/jowh5hwfkjvxeofakg7tg2xo Amazon Unlimited Balance / Free Gift Card cheat

http://torlinkbgs6aabns.onion/ TORLINKS Directory for .onion sites, moderated.

http://jh32yv5zgayyyts3.onion/ OnionList Onion Link List and Vendor Reviews.

http://shopsat2dotfotbs.onion/ TorShops - Get your own .onion store with full bitcoin integration.

http://easycoinsayj7p5l.onion/ EasyCoin - Bitcoin Wallet with free Bitcoin Mixer.

http://ow24et3tetp6tvmk.onion/ OnionWallet - Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin Laundry.

http://jzn5w5pac26sqef4.onion/ WeBuyBitcoins - Sell your Bitcoins for Cash (USD), ACH, WU/MG, LR, PayPal and more.

http://rso4hutlefirefqp.onion/ EuCanna - 'First Class Cannabis Healthcare' - Medical Grade Cannabis Buds, Rick Simpson Oil, Ointments and Creams.

http://newpdsuslmzqazvr.onion/ Peoples Drug Store - The Darkweb's Best Online Drug Supplier!

http://smoker32pk4qt3mx.onion/ Smokeables - Finest Organic Cannabis shipped from the USA.

http://fzqnrlcvhkgbdwx5.onion/ CannabisUK - UK Wholesale Cannabis Supplier.

http://kbvbh4kdddiha2ht.onion/ DeDope - German Weed and Hash shop. (Bitcoin)

http://s5q54hfww56ov2xc.onion/ BitPharma - EU vendor for cocaine, speed, mdma, psychedelics and subscriptions.

http://ll6lardicrvrljvq.onion/ Brainmagic - Best psychedelics on the darknet.

http://25ffhnaechrbzwf3.onion/ NLGrowers - Coffee Shop grade Cannabis from the netherlands.

http://k4btcoezc5tlxyaf.onion/ Kamagra for Bitcoin - Same as Viagra but cheaper!

http://mobil7rab6nuf7vx.onion/ Mobile Store - Factory unlocked iphones and other smartphones.

http://tuu66yxvrnn3of7l.onion/ UK Guns and Ammo - Selling Guns and Ammo from the UK for Bitcoins.

http://2ogmrlfzdthnwkez.onion/ Rent-A-Hacker - Hacking, DDOS, Social Engeneering, Espionage, Ruining people.

http://abbujjh5vqtq77wg.onion/ Onion Identity Services - Selling Passports and ID-Cards for Bitcoins.

http://y3fpieiezy2sin4a.onion/ HQER - High quality euro bills replicas / counterfeits.

http://qkj4drtgvpm7eecl.onion/ USD Counterfeits - High quality USD counterfeits.

http://xfnwyig7olypdq5r.onion/ USA Citizenship - Become a citizen of the USA, real USA passport.

http://tfwdi3izigxllure.onion/ Apples4Bitcoin - Cheap Apple products for Bitcoin.

http://3dbr5t4pygahedms.onion/ ccPal - CCs, CVV2s, Ebay, Paypals and more.

http://2kka4f23pcxgqkpv.onion/ EuroGuns - Your #1 european arms dealer.

http://vfqnd6mieccqyiit.onion/ UK Passports - Original UK Passports.

http://en35tuzqmn4lofbk.onion/ USfakeIDs - High quality USA Fake Drivers Licenses.


PedoHub - A child porn photo and video collection website exist since 2013. Here you can find over 70,000 photos and over 20,000 homemade porn videos of girls from 5 to 16 years old.


Global Marketplace - Escrow Accepted + CashApp, WU, MG, PP, CC, VCC, Amazon, Ebay, Zelle, Wire, Off-Shore Accounts, Uber, AirB&B, etc


Heisenberg Hitmen 4 Hire - Professional. Discreet. Affordable. Book Online Now. dark web forum with links to dark web sites


Easy Solutions Hitman. Possibly the only legit hitman service on the deep Web along with the lowest prices around


Deutschland im Deep Web Zwei - Successor of didw in German section


Queen Of Cards - Best Female Carding Forum Since 2011. Western Union, Moneygram, Amazon CashApp, Plastic CC, Dumps, PayPal, Credit Cards.US Account With Balance,& More


Bolivian Flake cocaine supplier on the market on the darknet marketplaces top level vendor


Carding Community aka MadCarders: The world's largest carding community; made by carders for carder

Original CreditCard Center http://cccenterjb27ubnm.onion/

Prepaid CreditCards - Western Union Transfer - Paypal Transfer - 24/7 Support - Full Escrow

http://ranionjgb7arbha2.onion ------ Ransom (RaaS) | Cheapest Ransomware and C&C as a Service with no Fees

DecentraList: Post/Publish ANYTHING http://hnws6y3kyqjfcm6s.onion Post some text or a link to an image on the blockchain by calling an Ethereum smart contract. Published as a free web page each day.