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If you happen to know some good .onion website(s) which you think will make a good contribution to the Main Page, please list it here. Describe each recommended site with a few words

http://3lqx2lughonl4njb.onion/ Carding Forum, Black Market & Freebies

http://thedarkwebpugv5m.onion/ Pug's Ultimate Dark Web Guide

http://dev3qxm2mctwe4we.onion/ Fixed EU Matches 2-4 per month.

http://qdoqihbtet5jt5qx.onion/ Easy Debit Cards MasterCard and Visa with EMV chip filled with $3.000, 100% Risk Free Use (SCAM)

http://srfjfqqichdsrsdv.onion/ EU Führerschein - EuCaris registriert alle Ländern verfügbar und in 6 Tagen in der Post!

http://7co7bw254m6mf7uq.onion/ Your Hacking Center - if you need coding help, nearly all is possible. (SCAM)

http://srfjfqqichdsrsdv.onion/usedbills/ Genuine Used Dollars - real bills no counterfeits! (SCAM)

http://7co7bw254m6mf7uq.onion/debitcards/ Prepaid Debit Cards 100% Risk Free Use to ATM's world wide (SCAM)

http://qdoqihbtet5jt5qx.onion/passport/ Genuine USA Passport - Like to immigrate to the USA - We have what you need (SCAM)

http://tawh4p2hlpszy4evfxmd2dxnvwhpgbxjjypxtqmliecwz2lskbhbwaid.onion/ - French Deep Reborn (100% French Board)

http://mrkzematrs5ltsl7ag73l432gg25xg43iewz3gicpzo2zlmlyhhiaeqd.onion/ - CloudFinancials - The Perfect place to shop like you Desire - Read the Instructions on the Homepage!

http://bau2tjgq3qjuwdgl.onion/ New mirror to empire market, Nightmare market should also be removed as it is exit scamming.

http://soxrjdt7gipchk75.onion/ - Buy Pre-Shredded EURO/GBP/USD Currency.

http://qjszk26jprxdl5wd.onion/ - C6S - Anonym Image Hosting

http://mixbitw5m5zh4m7u.onion/ Mixabit - Bitcoin mixer