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If you happen to know some good .onion website(s) which you think will make a good contribution to the Main Page, please list it here. Describe each recommended site with a few words

http://tawh4p2hlpszy4evfxmd2dxnvwhpgbxjjypxtqmliecwz2lskbhbwaid.onion/ - French Deep Reborn (100% French Board)

http://qjszk26jprxdl5wd.onion/ - C6S - Anonym Image Hosting

http://x5adiunicfsaakoesyhhyvewgq7ijaqob4qpie6icibcluayrd4ww3qd.onion/ | Wire/Mail - Found this simple clearnet e-mail service usable only over Tor.

http://doraihhn4eza45pc.onion | Dora - Freedom of expression based Q&A Community