Important Tips

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  • Make sure to never tell anybody about your DNM activities. This can not be emphasized enough.
  • Never use the same username, password, PIN or PGP key-pair on more than one market. If an attacker or even rogue market staff gains access to your account on one market, he could easily break into the other ones as well and do even more damage (like stealing your coins or deleting your account).
  • Do not use identifying usernames. That means your username should give no clue about who you really are, e.g. do not include your birth year in your username.
  • Never use privnote or similar services that claim to offer self-destructing messages. Absolutely nothing prevents such services from storing your message even after it was 'officially' destroyed. On top of that they also require Javascript, which is a huge no-go. Also avoid vendors that use privnote or similar services.
  • Do not just order from the biggest vendor(s) on the market simply because of the size of their operation or because they pay for ads on a DNM or other site. Often there are smaller vendors with who offer a better product with a better customer service.
  • Do you not know if it is a lower case L or upper case i in a captcha? It is almost always a lower case L
  • When sending messages (no matter if on reddit or a DNM) try to write all you have to say in one message. Nobody likes getting hit with a high notification counter when logging in just to realize that you wrote half of the new messages. It is also easier to answer for your chat partner if you sent only one message.
  • It is not necessary to encrypt every message you send on a DNM or to a vendor. You absolutely have to encrypt all sensitive data such as addresses or tracking numbers. However mundane questions about the product for example do not need to be encrypted, since the vendor would need much more time to decrypt all messages.
  • Get a scale. Seriously.
  • General rule: any market that jacks other markets names should be avoided at all costs.
  • Sometimes vendors decline orders without giving you a reason. Possible causes could be that product is out of stock
  • Always order sober. You will make mistakes if ordering while being high.
  • Always read a vendors page completely before ordering. They may have special requirements to be met. Most questions for them can usually be answered this way.
  • Be polite (to the vendor and market staff). This usually will take you further than expected.
  • If you are in a dispute: be calm and respectful. Explain your situation using just the facts available to you, no assumptions or accusations. Provide a desired outcome to your problem. Express willingness to compromise in situations where it is appropriate
  • Keep any chatter to a minimum and keep it short and sweet. Most vendors time are valuable to them.
  • Be patient. Remember that this is not Amazon. Most vendors have real life activities to do or have a special way of getting packs out.
  • The vendor does not need to know that you will be placing an order in a few days.
  • Do not message a vendor before making an order and claim that you "usually move 10k pills a week but you are only ordering 150 from him to test them out to make sure they are legit" in hopes of getting some sort of deal or preferential treatment. Vendors get these messages all the time. They know that you are not some big player moving massive bulk, you are just someone hoping to get a discount by making a vendor want to land a "big fish" like you. Vendors get tons of messages every day and they notice buyers who are simple to work with. Eventually after a few seamless and easy orders, you can send them a PM telling them you like their service and ask them if they can get bulk orders bigger than what they list and what the prices they would be. Then they may start offering you better deals.
  • If you agreed upon a special request, specific artwork, different stealth, modified shipping, etc with a vendor, put that same info in with your address. That way when the vendor is working on your order, it is right there in front of him again.
  • Did you get too much or another product? Contact the vendor and tell him the situation. You will not be forced to send the product back or send the vendor some money, but the vendor knows that he made a mistake while packaging. Then he also does not have to wonder why the other customer is not receiving his order.
  • Remember that this is the DarkNet and not Amazon, and anything less than a perfect rating can really harm a vendors business, so be reasonable when considering how you rate them.