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To purchase from darknet markets, you’re going to need to learn a little about Bitcoin, a "cryptocurrency.” The payment methods you typically use for online shopping — credit cards and PayPal — aren’t accepted on darknet markets. Those payment methods can be easily traced by law enforcement agencies. For that reason, darknet markets only accept payment in cryptocurrencies.Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a payment system. To get some basic information please take 5 minutes of your time and read the texts on these two sites:

Methods - How & Where to Buy Bitcoins

LocalBitcoins (LBC) is one of the most popular methods of buying bitcoins. On this site, you will find lots of sellers and the price per bitcoin they offer. You can get some great deals on bitcoins, but make sure you check the rate before you buy, do not get ripped off!. It is best to choose sellers that already have some positive feedback to reduce the risk of you getting scammed.
There are many methods which you can use to buy bitcoins: the easy and fast ones(e.g. wire transfer) are pretty common and the rates are lower. However that often comes with the disadvantage of losing your anonymity. Other methods, that are a bit more time consuming and slower (e.g. meeting face to face with a seller), can be more anonymous though. You normally get your bitcoins within a short space of time. You can then move your bitcoins from your LBC wallet to any wallet of your choice. More on that in the following chapters.
Three of the most often used and more anonymous payment methods are:

  • In person

You meet with the seller in a public place, you hand them cash and they send you the bitcoins. Make sure you read this post before doing a cash trade. The main thing is to select a seller that has a good history. Message them any questions you have and they will be helpful so you know what to expect. They'll bring a phone or laptop with them and will send the coins on the spot. Once they are sent it's impossible to cancel the transaction. You can also check the transaction on the blockchain using your phone/laptop. You can also use escrow.

  • Bank deposit

Open a trade, and the seller gives you their bank and account info. You deposit cash into their bank account, upload a picture of the deposit slip, and they send you bitcoins. Some banks will require ID from you to make the cash deposit into any bank account.

  • Cash in the Mail

You send cash to the seller through the mail, and they send you bitcoins.

Paxful is a P2P trading platform similar to LocalBitcoins where sellers and buyers exchange directly and Paxful provides escrow. It is possible to buy coins withoutproviding ID verification, though the rates are usually higher is a US-based hybrid P2P exchange where BitQuick provides escrow service between you and the trader, or you can buy directly from BitQuick. BitQuick will sell you bitcoins (up to $400 without ID verification), or you can trade with one of the independent sellers who sells bitcoins on their platform by cash deposit at banks and credit unions, MoneyGram payment, or Western Union transfer. It is like LBC and Paxful but with fewer payment options.

Bitcoin ATMs
If there’s a Bitcoin ATM near where you live, that might be a convenient option for you. Bitcoin ATMs tend to have higher fees than other alternatives. If you want to use cash to buy your Bitcoins, ATMs are a good option. To find out if there’s a bitcoin ATM near you, and for instructions on how to use the different models of bitcoin ATM’s, we recommend you check out CoinATMRadar